About Us

Bitchfork is an independent online music publication that aims to center marginalized voices within music criticism. Rather than function as industry gatekeepers, we prioritize passionate fandom and explore music’s emotional and social impacts in our features, reviews and show coverage. Founded in Montreal in 2019, Bitchfork intends to provide a heartfelt, critical counterpoint to the dominant voices in the music media landscape.

Bitchfork is curated with care, and if you think we will connect with your music, you can submit it to getbitched[at]bitchfork.ca

Our Team

Stacy Lee : Co-Founder & Creative Director

Stacy has been photographing Montreal’s and Toronto’s live music scenes for over ten years. She is a passionate concert-goer, always looking to evolve her taste. She loves to see a soul bared on the stage and the artists that speak to her are authentic, vulnerable and aesthetically minded.

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Peggy Hogan : Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Peggy is a musicologist and recording artist who is deeply invested in music’s role in society. She is particularly interested in how marginalized artists create representations for themselves through music and she is passionate about artists who exhibit strong musicianship and poignant songwriting.

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Liz McLellan : Staff Writer

Liz McLellan is an editor, multimedia artist, and jewelry designer. They are invested in criticism as a generative approach to understanding culture and its effects on our collective and individual psyches. They appreciate subtle or strong levels of discomfort and challenge in a musical performance, as well as a good beat.

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Malaika Astorga : Staff Writer

Malaika Astorga is a Mexican Canadian artist, currently based in Montreal. She is a writer, illustrator, photographer, and is currently the Creative Director of Pink Things Magazine. Malaika is a passionate Xicanista, focused on supporting Latinx and femme representation in music. 

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