Kimmortal – X marks the Swirl

Kimmortal is a musical energy worker in their Coax Records debut, X Marks the Swirl. This release is a reflection of the values and concerns of Kimmortal’s QPOC community and the queer Filipinx diaspora. This artist’s political message is palpable and central to their identity and yet these eleven tracks are approachable, vulnerable and danceable; not just a rapping activist, Kimmortal presents a well-conceived and artistically mature release.

Opening track, “Stars” features JB the First Lady and Missy D, setting a decidedly femme-forward tone of empowerment for the album. Kimmortal truly makes the personal political with three lamentations over emotionally dishonest love “Longing,” “Ice Palaces” and “Questions,” marking an inward turn. It is perhaps for this reason that an otherwise poignant and technically proficient feature from Seattle underground rap luminary Khingz on “Escape” feels intrusive. The song is rounded out by the voices of Kimmortal and Vancouver R&B vocalist Jillthy and also marks a turning point in the album’s narrative – having balanced both masculine and feminine perspectives in their journey for love and self-realization, Kimmortal liberates themselves on “I’m Blue.” The rest of the album sheds the wound caused by a misunderstanding lover and sees the artist advocating for representation and space with the emotionally drenched and political charged lyricism of “Sad Femme Club” and solidarity amongst marginalized communities in “Activation,” a musically playful track featuring Ostwelve.

X Marks the Swirl is a triumph for Kimmortal as they articulate a narrative of empowerment and self-love across eleven beautifully crafted tracks. Their powerful and textured vocals convey the strength of character that true emotional vulnerability requires. Kimmortal’s voice is a rallying cry for unity and community-driven leadership.