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Connor McComb is one half of Mutually Feeling as well as the creative force behind PULSUM. As PULSUM, McComb creates dark genre blending electronic music that literally pulls you onto the dancefloor. We sat down with McComb for a quick intro after experiencing PULSUM’s incredible live show.

PULSUM – Treading Water

How would you describe your project to someone who has never heard your music ?
It’s constantly evolving, how I currently define it is a blend of techno, as the general category – the umbrella – but definitely really influenced by post-punk, new wave and synth wave. Sort of like a blend of club music and punk music.

Who are your musical influences at the moment ?
Right now, one of my favourite Montreal artists is Xarah Dion. They’re like the sickest, I saw them play last night and… in a sense it was like, oh this is what I want to be. I feel like one day if I can reach this point that’s what I want to be.

What would you say is the best show you’ve seen ?
Yesterday was the best show I think I’ve seen ever. Xeno & Oaklander, Automelodi, Xarah Dion, Plastic Ivy, Morte Psiquica – it was huge, it was incredible, everyone was amazing. I was in awe.

What’s to come for this project in 2019 ?
I’m still working on the next record, but I have another side project called Mutually Feeling, which I do with my partner Arianna. And we are going to Europe in May, we’re doing a European tour. So playing a blend of the two – a blend of sad house music and angry house music. So that project is – we call it sad house music because it’s music you could dance to but you could also cry to, or both. In contrast to PULSUM, it’s more ethereal, holding on to really soft gentle emotions.

Canadian Shows

Sat, June 08 – Montreal @ La Sala Rossa