Lungbutter – Honey – Album Launch

Lungbutter is a riotous experimental noise trio made up of Ky Brooks, Joni Sadler & Kaity Zozula. Their debut LP Honey is set to be released May 31st. Hailing from different regions of the country, the trio resides in the heart of Montreal’s DIY experimental music scene. They write songs that are lyrically centred around themes of interactions, ephemera, and observations. Ky states, “In some way, I think the lyrics are a bit like the impressions of a coin you might take with graphite and paper.”

“In some way, I think the lyrics are a bit like the impressions of a coin you might take with graphite and paper.”

Listening to the first three singles from Honey, their debut LP released by Constellation Records, Lungbutter is definitely a group I’ll be keeping my eyes on. There’s something about the way they pair distorted, fuzzy guitar with wishy-washy cadences in both the vocal and drum arrangements that feel so right. Ky’s infectiously dry vocals on “Intrinsic” ask, “having a future, making a difference, is it intrinsic?” beckoning you over the existential cliff. We took the chance to ask them some questions before their album launch on May 31st in Montreal’s La Plante.

Stacy Lee

When did you decide that you would like to make music together?  

Joni: We started jamming in early 2013.

Ky: Kaity and I were in a previous project (Femmaggots) together, and when that band dissolved we wanted to keep playing together. We’d both been hoping to work with Joni for a while, so we did.

How long did it take you to put this album together?

Joni: We recorded it in September 2018 but a lot of the material is several years old. We tend to workshop things over long stretches of time, so while some of the songs on the album are fairly new, many of them have been kicking around in various forms for quite a while.

Stacy Lee

Can you describe the process of collaboration between the three of you on Honey?

Ky: We tend to come up with the core idea for a song quickly, mostly we’ll just organize a session where we have time to jam and something will appear that we’re interested in exploring— but we also work on things alone and bring them to the group to workshop. Then we’ll workshop the song for a really long time, trying out different versions and even playing it live in many different ways before deciding on something that feels good.

What if any expectations do you have going forward with the release of Honey ?

Joni: I don’t really have any expectations, to be honest – mostly it just feels good to share the record and finally have it out in the world!

Can you tell me what it means to release Honey with Constellation?

Ky: Working with people we trust.

What are the best shows you’ve seen?

Joni: Oh man. It’s impossible to choose. I do have a lot of fond memories of all ages shows in various galleries/community centres/bookstores back on the [Vancouver] island, which were really inspiring for me as a young music fan.

Ky: Totally impossible to say- in terms of more recent shows… honestly I’m a dweeb, I really enjoyed Daniel Lopatin’s recent show at Monument National. I also saw Tamayuge’s at Vitrola last month, with Kee Avil & Radwan Ghazi Moumneh — an all-star lineup, 100% wonderful!

Canadian Tour Dates

  • May 31 , Montreal, QC – La Plante
  • June 15 , Montreal, QC – La Sala Rossa
  • June 20, Ottawa, ON – Pressed Cafe
  • June 27, St. Johns, NB – Callie’s Pub
  • June 29, Halifax, NS – Lost & Found