OUT NOW – Weeping Icon’s self-titled debut

Weeping Icon’s self-titled debut is the kick in the gut and slap in the face you didn’t realize you needed. This loud, noisy and raw album is strung together by brooding textural interludes that serve to highlight otherwise fierce experimental-noise-punk anthems.

Weeping Icon is Lani Combier-Kapel on drums and vocals, Sarah Fantry on guitar and vocals and Sarah Reinold on bass. Originating from Brooklyn’s art scene, the group formed as “a dream project in which they could freely encourage equal collaboration … and dismantle the cliches they encountered as disenfranchised females in a male-dominated arena.”

Through its uncompromising thematic exploration of millennial existence vis-a-vis social media, the album kicks your smartphone out of your hands, demanding you to live in the now. Take for example, “Like Envy,” the second single that reads like the monologue of your everyday social media influencer:

Do you like my content
Does it make you envy what I have
Excuse me sir, can you take a picture of me
Here, by the graffiti
Don’t be shy
Take a few
My life is my brand

Like Envy – Weeping Icon

Or better yet, “Perfect the Art,” with Sarah Fantry’s ghostly reminder that, “in time nature will envelop this entire reality.”

“in time nature will envelop this entire reality.”

With such poignantly disturbed critiques of modern life piercing through a wall of raucous sound the band delivers a truly incendiary experience to its listeners on their first full-length release.

Weeping Icon was released September 27th by Fire Talk and Kanine Records. Canadian fans can catch them on tour in Toronto at the Baby G on November 10.