Premiere – Backxwash – DONT COME TO THE WOODS

Backxwash premieres the video for “DONT COME TO THE WOODS,” the second single from their forthcoming album, Deviancy, which drops July 12th with Grimalkin Records. Written and produced by Backxwash, “DONT COME TO THE WOODS” hits like the aural equivalent to a horror film trailer. Evoking Evil Dead 2 and Brave New World, the song’s eerie samples over distorted 808s set a dark and dystopic atmosphere. The lyrics tell the story of a summoned witch who warns people not to come to the woods. The story plays on stereotypes at the intersection of mysticism and queer identity, concepts that are brought to life by Vancouver production company, Entertainment Forever, who have made an 80s horror flick inspired music video that’s guaranteed to shake you up.