Premiere – Holobody’s Sleep Debt

Home to some 1.7 million folks, Montreal’s beauty stems from its diversity. Stumbling on the island in 2009 I saw immediately how this diversity within the arts and music community brought the city to life. There are so many different sounds from so many different voices in this city, making the music scene rich, expansive and constantly evolving. Holobody’s Luke Loeseth has been a part of this creative ecosystem since 2012. Seven years into Montreal, with a decade of experience producing music, Luke is ready to launch an album and a record label with the aim of serving the city’s music community, all in one-shot.

If I were to describe them as a person, I’d say they’re kind of the opposite of what goth is. Their music, on the other hand, is a bit harder to place. Over the last seven years, Holobody has evolved into a project that sounds like the soundtrack to your lucid dreams. Their first full-length release of entirely original material, Sleep Debt pulls you into the contemplative sounds of Holobody. “Brook” is my favourite track on this release, this seven minute progression stands out as an emblem to the exploratory sounds the Montreal music scene. The album’s contribution to the scene is two-fold: all profits from Sleep Debt on Bandcamp or Phonopolis, will be donated to local missions in Montreal, as well, it marks the launch of Luke’s label, Gusding, which they hope will provide a platform for their music community..

In our email exchanges, Luke stresses the importance of leaving the album open to interpretation for its listeners. Looking to see where our thoughts line up , I press for further context and Luke explains, “Many of the ideas and sounds date back as far back as 2014. It’s rooted in the basic needs – warmth, security, home. The starting point, everything we take for granted. [Sleep Debt] really functions as a representation of being without a secure home or sound mind, and the struggle of seeking that stability, building a home, a mind. Hence the title Sleep Debt – the experience of lacking some basic need. This is also why I am forwarding the profits to local missions.”

Marking a new chapter, this album is the first release by Luke’s digital label Gusding. Luke explains, “Gusding is something I have wanted to get started for a while. This will be the first release. No specific plans for the future, releasing more of my own things, hopefully, friends and peers also. Not wanting to limit it strictly to music either.”

Take a listen down below: