Premiere: Lonely Boa – “Blocks and Passes”

Montreal-based Lonely Boa, comprised of multi-instrumentalist and beatmaker Eve Parker Finely and talking-mannequin-head Jess, create spellbinding bedroom pop with enchanting violin loops and synth flourishes. Their debut album Chrysalia arrives Fall 2019 and Bitchfork is proud to present the project’s first single, “Blocks and Passes.”

Finley describes “Blocks and Passes” as an attempt to “combine classical-sounding string parts with layers of electronic sounds and voice to create songs that could bring people into my world(s) but also help them better understand their own.” Strings mix with lush, textural ambience and an unrelenting drum beat for a contemplative and atmospheric experience.

Photo by Rafael Flores

Catch Lonely Boa performing alongside Emel Mathlouthi and Tamara Sandor At Rialto Hall on Sept. 29th for Pop Montreal Festival.