Premiere – Susil Sharma’s On the Outside

His name is Susil Sharma and you might know him if you’re familiar with post-punk project Heat. Susil has led the band on vocals, guitar, and synth through two releases and five years together, and Susil’s romantic punk lyricism mixed with Loveless-era guitar drones lead the group to critical acclaim from the likes of NME and Guardian. Sadly, Heat is no longer together as a group, but in its wake, Susil has managed to carve out a new musical space for himself.

Susil Sharma 1
Photo : John Londono

For post-punk fans unaware of Susil or Heat, I wonder if you’re been living under a rock, or just not listening to music…whatever your reasoning, now’s your chance to get on pace with Susil Sharma. With his latest release, the video for “On the Outside” you get to discover the sounds of his new music and his outlandish sense of humor.

“On the Outside” is the second song from the self-recorded and produced EP, Inception 2. On this release, Susil retains the textured shoegaze guitars and Lou Reed-esque vocals of his former project while expanding his sonic palette to incorporate elements of 90s house and 80s synth-pop. We also hear vocal contributions from Tim Fletcher (The Stills), Josie Boivin (Munya) as well as co-production and mixing courtesy of Adrian Popovich (Sam Roberts Band).

The video for “On the Outside” hilariously depicts Susil as multiple characters within the magical universe of a VHS dating service. Here, Susil plays multiple men looking for love. As Susil puts it, “they think they’re hopeless romantics, but really they’re just hopeless.”

“they think they’re hopeless romantics, but really they’re just hopeless.”