Tempers on the pains of self-isolation

NYC-based duo Tempers released a playlist for self-isolation in March called “Distancing – Phase 1” and it’s literally keeping our spirits afloat during this pandemic. We had the chance to catch up with them to ask about their isolation highs and lows and their follow-up plans to “Phase 1.”

What was the first thing you did to cope with the cancellation of your European tour?

Eddie: We were in Paris when the remainder of our tour was cancelled, so obviously we went out for an extravagant lunch. That was March 12th; little did we know we’d never get to eat in a restaurant again for the rest of our lives.

If you could play any venue in the world as soon as the pandemic has passed, what would it be and why?

Eddie: We were supposed to be in Poland for some shows after Paris, so that’s stuck in my mind as the place we were prevented from playing. The idea of a crowded venue in a faraway land is really appealing right now.

Name the best and worst meals you’ve made in isolation?

Eddie: I made a chicken soup early on that came out great, kind of hard to remember now though. The worst meal (more recent) was probably a dish I like to call “standing in the kitchen eating sardines while staring at nothing.”

Do you think being in self-isolation will change your music? 

Eddie: Hard to say, we’re writing now, separate from one another, which is really different from normal. Maybe that allows us to be even more considered or introspective somehow. Let’s see what happens.

What artist do you like that would most surprise your fans? 

Jasmine: I love Cyndi Lauper, I think she has the most spectacular voice that ranges from tenderness to blazing passion. She also wrote the best song about masturbation called “She Bop.” It was my favourite song to sing at karaoke in the pre-pandemic era.   

Let’s say you’re self-isolating and for some reason, the internet fails for weeks on end. Would you be satisfied with your at-home music collection and what would get the most spins by default? 

Jasmine: Well my record player is currently broken, so I’d be screwed, but I’d justify that with a pretentious conceptual approach like “there’s such a lack of music in music, I’d SO much rather listen to the musicality of everything” and I’d have the hum of my fridge, like, on heavy rotation…

Can we expect a follow up to Distancing Phase 1? 

Jasmine: Sadly yes, the distancing must continue for everyone’s health and safety, and so there will be a Distancing Phase 2 coming soon.