The Hails’s Situations is an ode to Zoom-induced social anxiety

We’ve all spent a little too much time on Zoom lately, whether it be for a business meetings or an online clubs. Florida-natives The Hails expresses the very relatable frustrations around digital connection in their latest music video, “Situations.”

The social pressures of constantly being online, being bombarded with never-ending communication and messaging can be an overwhelming Internet void. “Keep me from crying, keep the time, kill the plans.” The “Situation” video was filmed entirely on Zoom, perfectly encompassing – as every email you’ve gotten for the last two months would say – the unprecedented times we’re living in.

“I know what they want now, they want a situation. Give me a way out now, too much communication” According to the band, “‘Situations’ is about a sense of disillusionment with social pressures and the banality of many day-to-day social interactions. Its brooding lyrics hide under the guise of a sparkly, vibrant instrumental – much like a person trying to force a smile and ‘fake this shit’ at a party. Musically, it draws inspiration from 70s pop and modern indie, with its driving guitar harmonies, wistful melodies, and colourful atmosphere.” 

Check out the video below, and try their face filter on Instagram.

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