Watch Paper Beat Scissors “Shapes”

Montreal’s indie gentleman, Tim Crabtree of Paper Beats Scissors, explains the lyrical content behind “Shapes” the latest release from Parallel Line: “Shapes is about the knots we tie ourselves up in, the messes we get ourselves into, then lay at another’s door, particularly in the realm of romantic relationships.”

The video by Derek Branscombe starring Gille Miller & Maxine Segalowitz beautifully articulates these themes. “Derek and I talked a lot about this during the development of the video and I think he reflects the spirit of the song really wonderfully on the visual level – all this beauty and tension, all these situations on the verge of collapse”

Canadian Tour Dates

  • November 1 – Montreal, QC: Theatre Outremont
  • November 7 – Halifax, NS: the Seahorse tickets
  • November 8 – Moncton, NB: Tide & Boar
  • November 9 – Fredericton, NB: Capital Complex
  • November 10 – Sackville, NB: Thunder & Lightning
  • November 15 – Quebec City, QC: Le Knock-Out