Watch – Paradis Artificiel ” You’re Like The Sun “

Odile Myrtil, Ourielle Auvé and Victor Bongiovanni have joined forces as Paradis Artificiel. Last year, the trio made its public debut at Mutek and Red Bull Music Festival. This year they follow up with a debut album comprised of 9 tracks lead by vocalist Odile Myrtil.
Listening to these 9 tracks back to back, you might agree when I say that this release is otherworldly. Throughout the album, Odile’s ghostly vocals serve as a guiding light while the remaining instrumentation transports you through different multilayered soundscapes akin to being on the deck of the Voyager, each track serves up a new dimension to the overall atmosphere of their signature sound.
Commenting on the album, they say it “expresses an alternative perception of vulnerability and sacredness through a sonic palette of experimental electronic music, alternative rock, and pop.” The first single “You’re Like The Sun” has been released with an accompanying video by Jonathan Brisebois featuring Tati Au Miel and Lookens.