Yu Su-泉出通川为谷 (Roll With The Punches)

Yu Su

It is difficult to choose a favourite from Yu Su’s 5 track EP 泉出通川为谷 (Roll With The Punches). Each is a luscious and perfectly self-contained mixture of down-tempo beats and textured sounds. 泉出通川为谷 (Roll With The Punches) is the work of, Kaifeng born, Vancouver based musician, producer and dj, Yu Su.

While this release is decidedly ambient, it’s definitely not background music; these five tracks are as engaging as they are chill. Highlights include opener “Little Birds, Moonbath,” one of two collaborative efforts on this record. There is literal magic in this tune featuring Michelle Helene Mackenzie on modular synth. In a way, the different tracks of this EP cascade and disappear to seemingly reappear from an enchanted forest of sound. I know it sounds crazy, but listen for yourself before you tell me I’m wrong.

泉出通川为谷 (Roll With The Punches) was released in May by Second Circle. At this time, there are no Canadian shows lined up for Yu Su in 2019.